The process of carving a rubber stamp.

June 4, 2009

Hello everyone! Today I have no cards to share with you. But I will show you the process of carving a rubber stamp. This isn't a tutorial, so my explanation about the process will be a very simple one. And please excuse my poor English as usual. lol!
Well, let's get started!

Here is my original sketch.

Put a piece of tracing paper on the sketch, and trace the image by a mechanical pencil (or a pencil).

Put the tracing paper on a rubber sheet by placing the face down, rub the image by something pointed. You can see the mirror image has been copied on a rubber sheet.

Move a cutter for prescision work along the outline of the image. (Strictly speaking,not a cutter, but a rubber sheet should be moved.)

Peel off the surface of rubber sheet out side the image.

Let's carve the inside in the same way.

Wow! It has been completed!
I stamped this image with Mermaid ink (Versa Craft) and coloured with distress ink. Hope you like it.

I think it is not difficult for you to carve your own stamps. Why don't you try it? :)

Thanks for looking.


  1. oh Torico I would make such a mess of that - my skill with a craft knife is terrible. Thank you so much for showing us how it's done - that was fascinating - I have always wondered.

    Ann xxx

  2. Hello Torico

    Thank you so much for your wonderful instructions, but alas I am not so provicient with a craft knife.


  3. what a fantastic tutorial Torico...I would love to have a try at this...your English is fantastic as always...could you please tell us what kind of rubber this is and is there a best place to get it...thanks

  4. Fabulous are very clever,still I don't think I would like to attempt it!!!

  5. Wow this is amazing, Your art work is wonderful and then to be able to transfer it into a stamp. Just wonderful. What is the blue rubber you use? Thanks for sharing. Kim

  6. toricoさん、写真付きで説明してくださって有難うございました。英語もとってもナチュラルですよ~。

  7. Not difficult???? I couldn't even draw the original picture let alone carve it into rubber!!! Your art is just awe inspiring, from start to finish, thank you for sharing your immeasurable talent with us ;)

  8. This is fantastic and I'd love to be able to do it....but it looks far beyond my skills! Ruth x

  9. wow, fantastic! I'd love to put a link on my blog if that's okay with you


  10. What a talent you have, Torico!

  11. Fabulous tutorial, I can't draw so wouldn't be able to create anything as beautiful as your rose.

    Chris x

  12. wow! very professionally done! you made it look so simple. I've always thought that it's gonna be hard to carve out something. Cool! and thank you for sharing your tutorial.


  13. Hi Torico, I just found your blog and I must say your work is absolutely amazing so I have become a follower. I have fell in love with your rose image and I wondered if you would consider selling this as a digital image, I would really like to have a go at colouring this image, hope you dont mind me asking.

    My email is

    Best wishes

  14. Hi Torico, Thanks for the tutorial.
    I found the rubber sheet here in USA. It is blue one side and the other side is green and around 3mm thick. I followed your tutorial but I couldn't peel off the excess easily. Could you please tell me how you do that..if possible couple of pictures. I hope I am not asking too much. Thanks a lot.

  15. Hi Sree, Thank you for your question!
    It's wonderful that you could find a rubber sheet in your country! I think the rubber sheet you found is the same with mine.
    Yes, it is not easy to peel off the excess. It needs strong power and some practices! Don't worry, I have some advice to you.;) (Please forgive my poor English!)

    1: You can see that a rubber sheet consists of three layers. Only the top layer should be peeled off.
    2: Warp the sheet when you peel off the excess.
    3: You had better start peeling off from an acute point or a corner.
    4: You can use a pair of tweezers.

    I hope the links below help you. (These are Japanese site, but some of photos will help you.)
    grass 5

    Thank you and enjoy crafting!