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August 23, 2009

Hello everyone.
I have no card to share with you today, but I'd like to post 3 awards that I've received. Some of these awards were passed on to me for a long time ago. I apologize for not posting them on my blog up to now.

The 1st one is from Maki. She is a Japanese who lives in Texas. I always learn a lot of things from her awesome creations. Stamping techniques, how to select a image, how to combine colors and so on... Thank you Maki!

The next one is from Jen. I love her crisp style and color choice! Thank you to Jen for thinking of me.

This award is from Heather. She is so talented card creator! She never fail to amaze me with her gorgeous creations. Her ideas about how to use embellishments are always fabulous and amazing. Thank you to Heather for thinking of me.

I'm passing these awards on to all of you who visit to my blog.
Thank you.

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