June 20, 2010


There She Goes Clear Stampsのイラストレーターとしてお仕事させていただくことになりました!!!

オーナーのJessicaさんが一緒に仕事をしないかと連絡をくださったときには、本当に驚きました。でも、私にとってはグッドタイミングだったのです。正直なところ、販売用のスタンプをたくさん彫る、ということに疲れ始めていて、自分のデザインでラバースタンプが作れないかと考えていたところだったのです。 ですから、もちろん「はいっ!!」とお返事しました。ただ、英語でコミュニケーションできるのか?というのが心配でした。でも、Jessicaさんは、それについては心配しなくていいと言ってくださいましたし、いつもとても親切にしてくださり、私を励ましてくださいます。(ホントは、わけのわからないメールで、すっごくご迷惑をおかけしていると思います~・涙)彼女と一緒にお仕事ができるのは、本当に嬉しいことです。 

Happy Sunday everyone!!
I'm so excited and thrilled to share with you a BIG news today!

I'm extremely honored to work as a illustrator for There She Goes Clear Stamps!!!

I was so surprised when Jessica, the owner of TSG, contacted me and asked if I would work with her. But it was good timing for me. Honestly, I was getting tired to carve many stamps for sale, and thinking about making my designs into machine made rubber stamps. So I said "YES!!" :) The only thing I worried about was whether I am able to communicate with her in English. But she said I didn't need to worry about it. She is always so kind to me and encourages me. It is such a pleasure working with her!

私がデザインした初めてのスタンプセットが、今月リリースされます。(まだ、どんなものかお話しすることができなくてすみません。) 今月リリースされるスタンプセットのsneak peekは、今度の火曜日から始まります。そして、私のスタンプセットのBlog Hop Challengeは、日本時間で木曜日の午後1時(東部時間午前0時)にスタートします。見逃さないように、TSGブログをチェックしていてくださいね~!(^^)

The first stamp set I designed is going to be released this month. (So sorry, I can't tell you what images it includes yet.) This month's release sneak peek starts on next Tuesday, and The Blog Hop Challenge for my stamp set starts at 12 AM Eastern Time of next Thursday. Make sure to check the TSG blog so that you won't miss it! :)

Thank you for stopping by today!


  1. Welcome to the team Torico! I am so happy to be working with you and I can't wait for people to be able to use your designs in their papercrafting :)

  2. How wonderful Torico - so pleased for you.
    Ann xxx

  3. Congratulations!!! You do very beautiful work and your stamps are wonderful. You will be a huge asset to this company. I am looking forward to seeing what you create.

  4. thats fantastic news Torico, but Im not suprised and it should have happened way before now as your stamps are fantastic
    Mina xxx

  5. キャア~~!!!!本当ですか!!!!Jessicaさんは、私がデザインチームをつとめていたときも、同じように励ましてくれました。デザインチームも皆さん、良い人達ばっかりですよ~。

  6. OH MY GOD, とりこさん、本当におめでとうございます!!!! ^_^ それはよかったですね!! 頑張ってください!!!

  7. Oh Torico, I am so thrilled and happy for you. Your designs are all amazing and TSG are so lucky to have you on board.
    Congratulations and hugs Heather xx

  8. Congratulations, Torico. I can't wait to see what you've designed!

  9. Torico, that`s fantastic news! I am so happy for you!! I can`t think of anyone who deserves this more than you. Your work is exquisite and your images are gorgeous. I`m sure your fans are just as excited about this as I am!

  10. Amazing News Torico! Can't wait to see your first stamps! ((HUGS)) :)

  11. Congratulations!! I was so excited to read this announcement on the TSG blog because I can finally buy some of your fabulous stamps!! I can't wait to see your designs!

  12. Congratulations, Torico. I am so glad that we will now be able to use your wonderful designs in the US. I cannot wait to see your first set.