There She Goes sneak peeks

July 27, 2010

今日はカードはないのですが、お知らせです。There She Goesの新しいスタンプセットのsneak peek とBlog Hop Challengeがスタートしました!詳しいことは、TSG blogでご覧下さい。そして、ぜひBlog Hop Challengeに参加してください!

私がイラストを描いた新しいスタンプセット(今月は、2種類発売される予定です)のsneak peekは、木曜日の13:00(日本時間)にスタートします。お見逃しなく~♪

Hi everyone!
I have no card to share with you today. But I just want to let you know that the There She Goes new release sneak peeks and blog hop challenges have started! Why don't you head over TSG blog for more info and join in the blog hop challenge! :) :)

The sneak peek of my new stamp sets (Yes, I said 'sets'! Two stamp sets that I illustrated are going to be released this month!) starts on Thursday 12:00 EST. Don't miss it!

Thank you and have a nice day!


  1. ..........and I can't wait to see your cards :). See you Thursday!

  2. I am SOOOOO excited to see your new sets this month, Torico!!!