Primary Colors - MFT Summer School Session 2

July 15, 2015

This week MFT has been running a fun event on the blog - Summer School Session 2! We are learning about color theory. Be sure to visit the MFT blog for the fabulous lessons and more inspiration!

It's Day 3 of the session and today's theme is Primary Colors - Red, Blue, and Yellow. Here is my sample card for today.

I thought it might be interesting to talk about the thinking process that was going on while I was designing this card, especially focusing on colors. I hope this inspires you!
  • What theme? - Red, blue, and yellow? Hummm... traffic signals? No... hummm... How about the nautical theme? Red or blue stripes would be fun. But, how can I use yellow? OK, I may use yellow for sunshine or something...maybe. 
  • What ingredients? - Go Overboard stamp set and Let's Get Nautical Die-namics!
  • What color is the best for my focal point? - I may use yellow for a background or a secondary point. So it should be red or blue, and I want to use an anchor as my focal point. 
  • Think about a layout and patterns - Blue waves, a red anchor, and yellow sun? ...No, it's boring. I want to use stripes for the background. But, yellow stripes won't match well with the nautical theme. Blue or red stripes may look too busy. Hummm... (I looked at the stamp set again to decide what sentiment I would use.) "Waving HELLO"! OK, I will use Waves stencil with some yellow ink for my background! Yellow waves will look fun and that pattern is a kind of stripes. I will put an anchor on it. :)
  • Think about the focal point again - Which color is better for my focal point, red or blue? Either will stand out enough against the yellow background. But, I should better add a circular element or something to attract people's eyes to my focal point more. A life ring will work well for it! A life ring is white and red, so the anchor must be blue! 
  • What color should I use for the sentiment and card base? - After trial and error, I decided to use red. (Honestly speaking, I'm not sure this was the best choice or not.) 
Thank you so much for reading. It's your turn to learn! Head over to the MFT blog for today's lesson and do your homework for your chance to win the prizes!  :D:D


  1. Fab card! It was really cool to read about your process. :-)

  2. Wow!! Thank you for including your process. I love to read about "how" cards came to be. Fantastic design!

  3. I like the use of red in the card base and sentiment. Thanks for sharing your thinking process.

  4. I like the use of red in the card base and sentiment. Thanks for sharing your thinking process.

  5. This turned out so cool ... I love your yellows!!